O3 Strength

The O3 Strength Program

We are focused on helping every type of athlete reach their full potential. O3 Strength was born out of the need for more Youth Athletic Development. From the basic foundation of core & coordination to strength, speed, & stamina, our athletes will be taken through a holistic approach to improve their overall athleticism. We offer this through daily class environment, but with an emphasis on individual goals.

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Our Strength Programs

Strength Classes

We offer daily strength classes for both youth and adult athletes. After being members, and trainers, at multiple gyms across southeastern michigan, our founders decided to open O3 Strength. Finally, a gym for both youth and adult athletes that truly helps to:
"Shape Athletes For Life."

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O3 Teen Strength

Our TEEN Strength and Conditioning Classes are a high intensity Circuit Training, (METCON &HIIT Style Classes) that combines traditional weight training exercise with plyometric exercise that helps to improve our athletes core strength, endurance, agility, and our athletes overall work capacity.

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Our Sport Specific Training employs different Strength & SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness) methodologies that a geared toward the athletes sport. Our training focuses on developing first step quickness and power, proper running mechanics, as well as improving their reaction times.

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Private Training

Individual Training is an effective means through which an Athlete can improve their overall fitness and health. Our Athletes can utilize the one-on-one attention to help build on their strengths while working through their weaknesses. We work closely with each Athlete to develop programs that provide tangible results.

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